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Assortment of Pills

Melatonin Labeling Requirements

Are there new labeling requirements? 

Headlines are making waves in the major online media outlets regarding the labeling of melatonin supplements. Some information is accurate, and some may be misleading. Read more


In the news again-Melatonin Gummies

 Melatonin gummy safety concerns

JAMA reported that 22 of the 25 melatonin gummy supplements tested were inaccurately labeled based on the actual, tested amount of melatonin found in the products. 

Read more

Happy Children

Children and Melatonin

Should Children Be Taking Melatonin Supplements?


The use of melatonin for children has been in the news, from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to Consumer Reports to popular news feeds and social media outlets.  Read more

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